Hello Tumblr People! Long time no see! Well, that’s because I haven’t had internet at home, and whenever I’m at school I need to use the trickles of university wifi to download assignments. Ugh, no fun.

Also, bought another street sign from the market today. One of the better preserved ROSCOE (Acorn) signs, and it’s got a unique history too (Along with an awesome name, heehee so shady)!

The sign is one-sided, a rarity among the embossed signs where each side is a separate nameplate, meaning the back was facing something solid or it was at the end of a cul-de-sac. It’s also for a street that a) no longer exists in Toronto or b) is evidence of the use of the acorn signs north of Steeles in Thornhill/Markham! (Time to use the Google!)

With any luck you’ll see a few more posts soon, but maaaaaan midterms suck.